Facebook is making its first Super Bowl ad featuring Sylvester Stallone recreating his”Rocky” run up the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Modern Art.

Chris Rock will make an appearance in the 60-second commercial, that has been created with Wieden & Kennedy.

Stallone posted a mysterious video on Instagram on Tuesday, displaying several strangest footage of dozens of lovers working together with him about the steps of this museum. Stallone, naturally, produced the Philadelphia Museum famous in his”Rocky” films, when his personality coached by running the outside measures. Neighborhood Philadelphia news channels picked up Stallone’s Instagram article, which merely disclosed he was shooting a Super Bowl advertisement without seeing the brandnew.

It was unclear whether Facebook was prepared to create its own Super Bowl programs people, but Stallone afterwards said the business in a tweet stating:”It was fantastic working with @chrisrock. Admire his humor… @Facebook did a fantastic job generating, and it will be incredibly fun at #SuperBowlLIV.”

Facebook reacted to the celebrity on Wednesday at a tweet”You rocked the cat out of the bag”

Facebook afterwards stated that the Super Bowl advertisement would encourage Groups, the market private communities. It is an expansion of an advertising campaign called”More Collectively,” that Facebook has been operating since May and has been the first significant advertising effort launched beneath CMO Antonio Lucio, who combined Facebook in overdue 2018.

Facebook has been boosting Groups as a core facet of the system’s future. Groups can offer people with a more romantic social networking bound together by shared interests. Wieden & Kennedy, Freuds and Facebook’s inner group, Creative X, developed the marketing strategy and innovative approach behind the”More Together” effort.

“The place pushes home the message that for anything you stone, there’s a Facebook group for you,” that a Facebook spokeswoman stated in a announcement.

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