China to cut import tariffs on pork and Technology parts

China will reduce tariffs on hundreds of products which range from frozen pork to high tech components next year, decreasing trade barriers to encourage the market.

In a statement, Chinese government said export tariffs on 859 items could be lowered from 1 January.

China is fighting with a trade war with the US and confronts a collection of national challenges.

The ministry of finance said the tariff changes could be forced to”raise imports of merchandise facing a comparative national deficit, or overseas speciality products for regular consumption”.

The fatal disease has wiped out about half of the nation’s hens and dealt a significant blow to the pork market.

Beijing is trying hard to fill a massive supply gap of their favorite meat and rein in costs.

Other imports which will observe a fall in tariff prices incorporate frozen avocado and a few wood and paper goods.

China will also eliminate tariffs on specific diabetes and asthma medicines, in addition to on certain semiconductors.

Government will decrease the prices by implementing temporary import tariffs – that are lower compared to conventional prices – on its own list of targeted products. The nation produced a similar move this past year.

Trade battle

Though not directly linked to the trade war with the US, the tariff cuts up China’s claim it is pushing to start its market.

A Fast guide to the US-China trade warfare
The US agreed to reduce some tariffs in trade for much more Chinese purchases of American agricultural goods.

The nation is also fighting a wider economic downturn, together with growth languishing in its slowest speed in around three decades.

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